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Fidget Cube e the So, want to stay Yi, there must be a reason to leave him Caixing Chu Peng said However, Yat and we are not non pro and therefore, why stay This Chu Mengyao some understand the meaning of the father, if Lin Yi is his boyfriend, then perhaps, he will stay, but he is it He is not In other words, if Yat and we became a family, he also go what Chu Peng Zhan daughter looked embarrassed look, but also did not expect her to recognize anything, but what she thought, Chu Peng exhibition or the father can Guess one or two I want to marry Yat, see how Ha Chu Mengyao staring eyes, and some incredible look at Daddy Her long before the father is on the attitude of Lin Yi unusual, after the first dinner, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu also discussed this issue, the original answer given by Chen Yushu is, or Chu uncle want to forest Yat do son in law, or is Lin Yi is his illegitimate child Now it seems, Daddy seems to have fidget cube hotpink been playing is the mind Chu Mengyao some shocked, Daddy really want to marry her Lin Yi it Is this true That yourself, do not a., that is how excited Forbidden this time, it is no pressure to break through the yellow order, but the body trembled a little, to successfully spend an ordinary warrior to the order of the master of the change Forber s face suddenly 1 out of the happy smile Their surprise to be so simple to become a master of the house within the order of the This is too fast, right However, Fole break the yellow order, Lin Yi obviously feel Fubo body absorption of energy more quickly, and he even some too much Look at the rest of his body s energy, Lin Yi slightly frowned, before the restoration of the meridians to Forbes, has consumed about fidget cube one third of the energy, and now help Forbes breakthrough Huang order strength, Lin Yi body Energy is running out Seeing to the critical line This is how to do Do you want to give up Lin Yi some can not be reconciled, he would like to bang the completion of the master of the Forbes to build Can not become in one fell swoop However, the body does not have energy, how he wants to continue correct Suddenly Lin Yi suddenly remember.

time, but now it seems, not like Lin Yi is the first time That Tang Yun it The first time is my own. Lin Yi faint said. In fact, Lin Yi for fidget cube the first time to help enhance the strength of the object, is simply his own Uh Song Ling Shan slightly surprised a moment, suddenly thought of a word to see on the Internet, said most of the men, the first time dedicated to his hand Is the case It is able to explain the pass, Song Ling shan secretly relieved, but still some wandering asked That is the second time today The second is a dog Lin Yi said. After listening to the words of Lin Yi Lin Ling Shan, immediately staring eyes, scared pointing to Lin Yi, Zhang mouth and could not speak And dogs Lin Yi is too sturdy, right Actually and the dog Is it a reality version Of the beauty and the beast No, it should fidget cube vinyl desk be handsome and female beast Well, is a dog, is a mighty general. Lin Yi said jaw. Mighty general is not Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu dog The dog seems to be public, right Lin Yi Actually and a male dog How can this be This is too bizarre, ri.lame you, you quickly pack up the burden of refuge back fidget cube And then concentrate on the practice of foreign kung fu, I think you have not stay in Matsuyama City, and stay there can only wait for death Lin Yi Lin heard the old man, then some words The old man, you say like a bit too negative, right You are not a miracle working doctor There is no way Chapter 904 Showdown with Missy Lt RTI gt Chapter o9o4 showdown with Missy This is the world s meridians damaged within the family of many experts, many of my friends, if there is a way, I would have given them a cure, but also with the wait until now Lin old man explained But outside the Kung Fu, Good practice can still reach the peak, but also according to your previous analysis, that Shimen there may be unexpected benefits, you can restore the strength of perhaps, to the time you inside and outside the aspect of the world Lin Yi Lin old man listening to the words, do not know what to say, as if practicing outside the home Kung Fu in his eyes is a very easy thing, blink of an eye will be abl.However, after laughing, Feng smiled and asked some strange Then how do you not and I said before Before, the relationship between the two of us have not yet determined, I and you say so much to do Lin Yi is a matter of course said. Lin Yi said, Feng smiled fidget cube laugh is very happy Lin Yi s meaning is obvious, fidget cube philippines and that is now the relationship between the fidget cube two more intimate, so Lin Yi will say it Then my father did not find you Feng smiled and some fear that his father would tell Lin Yi s own condition What did you say Played a few phone calls, did not say anything, he was busy recently, as if in charge of what the case Lin Yi is very easy to say. Oh Feng smiled assured nodded his head, said I did not expect, you and his father is actually his comrades No wonder you are so powerful Today the game is a failure, did not let you appreciate the honor of racing victory, some disappointing. Lin Yi do not want to say too much about the previous things and Feng Tianlong and their own things, although Lin Yi Of the mouth More stringent, but more than words will.

Fidget Cube ed order of the ranks of the yellow order The second uncle, there is a brother, but the younger brother of the age is too small, only ten years old, has Not yet entered the ranks of the yellow order master, this way, the strength of the song appeared on the fault, which in Family is very dangerous Song, although there is a very powerful second grandfather, but the second grandfather fidget cube black and red left, many years without the fidget cube europe news, who knows he is still alive or not back also back The Song, the highest strength, is Songling Shan s fidget cube shark tank grandmother, Song old lady Now has a mysterious mid stage strength But the body, significantly one year as a year, if the grandmother really went, that Song will be caught In a very awkward position Grandpa only the yellow order of the late peak strength, which in the family, not very powerful, and his father is a bookworm, bent on the theoretical knowledge Uncle, though not a nerd, but it is a dude, or else can not not Get married so late, his brother and her a difference of ten years old Song s hope, it can be said Song Ling Shan, Song.batches, so I found a small wife to charge a few However, she really want to think so, will not find themselves and small Shu play four batches of it Also find what Feng smiled However, fidget cube dodgerblue Chu Meng Yao is to be their own ideas to startled, what they want a mess of it How can they have such an impure idea Well must be a small Shu that guy to bring bad I sing Xu Shihan s song Chu Mengyao some blush on Lin Yi said, the minds of those bad ideas to throw to the side. Chapter 0998 Attentive Xie Yufeng Chapter o998 Attentive Xie Yufeng Oh, I sing the song Xu Shihan, Yao Yao sister and I duet Chen Yu Shu said. There is no love song between men and women duet Lin Yi, we sing Feng smiled but said. I can not sing, you sing it. Lin Yi quickly halt, otherwise it is estimated that Chen Yu Shu also blown the temple. Sure enough, Chen Yushu Lin Yi heard the words, it is happy Oh, Wrigley brother does not you sing, disappointed, right What is it He would not sing, do not sing with me, do not sing with you Feng smiled and said. How do not sing We sing eve.

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